Talks and presentations

Working with Conflict Data

April 04, 2022

Talk, George Washington University, Washington, DC

What does the landscape of conflict data look like? How do conflict episode datasets compare? How is conflict event data created? How should we evaluate evidence quality and basic science standards?

Conflict Data: Mapping the Network

April 01, 2022

Talk, International Studies Association annual conference, Nashville, Tennessee

Conflict datasets are explicit about the criteria they are using, but how do we know that they accurately capture what they claim to? How can we compare across conflict datasets when they are using different lenses? We propose using new, massive, semi-structured data such as Wikipedia as a common point of connection to look across different conflict datasets. We match 11 conflict datasets to the wikidata pages that best capture their conflicts. With this, we are able to validate the datasets against each other and identify areas of overlap and possible gaps in their measurement. We discuss what these gaps mean for results based on these datasets.

International Crisis Behavior Event Data

March 27, 2019

Talk, International Studies Association annual conference, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A first look at the International Crisis Behavior event data. This presentation motivates the project, describes the data collection and cleaning, and provides summary statistics, visualizations, and relations with other ICB characteristics.

Economics and Peacebuilding

February 28, 2017

Talk, George Washington University, Washington, DC

How are economics and conflict connected broadly? How about in terms of unemployment and violence? What’s the evidence?

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Peace for Keeps

October 26, 2015

Talk, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

From my dissertation, on how UN Peacekeeping Operations affect civil war outcomes. I argue that UNPKOs benefit host governments, and that this is largely due to a selection effect as host governments select into beneficial UNPKOs. I examine the importance of government consent in UNPKO deployment, the relationship between UNPKO presence and government tenure, and the mechanisms through which a government may benefit from a UNPKO.

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