Onenote to Wordpress

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I like work in OneNote to keep things organized, but moving text to other platforms can run into some formatting issues.  Here’s my self-guide for moving a OneNote page to html for this wordpress blog.

  1. Save as a Single File Web Page (*.mht)
  2. Open the page in a web browser (I use Internet Explorer)
  3. View source of the page
  4. Copy this into your Wordpress post using the text tab for html code

For me the transition adds annoying line breaks.  You can fix this by going through line by line, or do the following.

  1. Copy the html into Word
  2. As a place holder, do a find replace and replace ^p^p as some other unused symbol pattern (###)
  3. now find replace ^p with a space
  4. finally, replace your symbol pattern to ^p

This process works pretty well, but I’d love to hear if you found another shortcut.


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